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Clickotine is a clinically validated fully digital smoking cessation program.

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Groundbreaking Clinical Outcomes

Results of a landmark 416-participant study demonstrated exceptional engagement and efficacy

  • 45.2%of the participants (n=188) had stopped smoking at the end of the study (no cigarettes, not even a puff, for at least 7 days)
  • 35.3%of participants (n=147) had quit smoking at the 6-month mark (no cigarettes, not even a puff, for at least 30 days)
  • 100.6On average, participants opened the Clickotine app 100.6 times and performed an additional 214.4 interactions over the 8-week study period
  1. Iacoviello BM, Steinerman JR, Klein DB, Silver TL, Berger AG, Luo SX, Schork NJ. Clickotine, A Personalized Smartphone App for Smoking Cessation: Initial Evaluation. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2017;5(4):e56
  2. Iacoviello BM, Steinerman JR, Klein DB, Gao V, Kruse GR, & Schork NJ. Six-month outcomes from Clickotine: a digital therapeutic program for smoking cessation. Poster presented at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco 23rd Annual Meeting, March, 2017; Florence, Italy.

Quit Plan

We help you make, and stick with, a customized quit plan - all while monitoring your improvement over time


Scientifically backed strategies to help overcome cravings, withdrawal, slips and lapses


Real-life support from friends, family and community. Quitting with a small quit team is proven to be a powerful tool for engagement


Adaptive text messages tailored to each individual's profile, and provide contextualized, personalized support and guidance

Medication Access
& Adherence

Direct access to quit aids and adherence reporting with no user cost when covered by employers or health plans


Integrates with and enables out-of-app incentives such as refunds, reimbursement & rewards provided by plan sponsors

Digital Care

Click Digital Care is an AI-augmented patient success program that wraps-around each Click digital therapeutic to help patients succeed with the therapy


Click Digital Care also includes a web-based analytics portal for our Clickotine plan sponsors to understand how Clickotine positively impacts smokers’ real-world behavior and estimated savings within a care population


Clickotine works with payers, employers, and providers to help improve member outcomes, health and savings. Use our customized calculator to estimate the financial impact Clickotine will have in your organization

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