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ROI Calculator
Determine the financial impact Click's tobacco cessation platform can have on your organization, based on your company size, engagement rates and key HR metrics.
Example corporate monitor video w/surcharge
Tell Us About Your Company
Number of US employees
Eligible Dependents
Number of US employees who smoke
National average: 18%
Average annual employee turnover rate
National average : 15.1%
Average annual employee population growth rate
National average : 0.5%
Average hourly wage
National average: $26.49
Monthly cost to client of Click platform PEPM
Monthly employee tobacco surcharge
(maximum of 50% of total cost of health coverage)
Employee Surcharge
Participation Rate (%)
Example corporate monitor video w/surcharge
Addressable Smokers
Employees 1,800
Dependents 1,206
Based on 0.67 national average × prevalence
Potential Participants 3,006
Expected Savings
Expected Employer ROI
Expected Savings to Employer
1 year $2,328,374
3 years $9,429,573
5 years $12,569,448
10 years $15,976,323
ROI White Paper
Learn more about how the Click statistical analytics team has measured, tracked and calculated the platform’s financial impact.